Full interviews

The interviews below were filmed between Friday 21 April and Sunday 30 April. Each session was shot in one day, straight after meeting up with the hip-hop artists for the first time. Sometimes the wind or laughing interupts the audio. Sometimes the audio is all there is.


After walking around the childhood neighborhood of Michael Falode, known by his stage name Huva, on Wednesday 26 April, Michael and Ruben went to a local shop to eat some African food. Then they shot an interview in a park nearby. Michael spoke about watching his brother play afrobeat, integrating into Dublin community, and the current stage of Irish hip-hop.

On Thursday night 27 April there was a gig at The Liquor Rooms, organized by Word Up Collective. Jeanluc Uddoh, who makes music as JyelowL, performed a small show there. The next day Ruben did an interview with Jeanluc in the studio of his producer Chris Kabs. Jeanluc spoke about his Nigerian and Jamaican influences, the globalization of hip-hop, and his dreams. 

Mythill Grim

In the afternoon of Sunday 23 April Ruben met up with Tony Wilson, also known as Mythill Grim, in front of Trinity College. After a walk through the city centre, they went to a bar called P.Mac’s to film the interview. With Tupac playing on the background Tony spoke about experiencing racism as a child, accepting darkness, and his journey for the music.